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Discover the Shocking Truth: Which Exotic Egg Will Blow Your Mind?

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One might be forgiven for assuming that only chickens laid eggs; however, this is not the case. In reality, there are numerous other species available for consumption – including quail and duck eggs!

Eggs are one of nature’s most versatile foods. They are an inexpensive source of protein and contain all nine essential amino acids – making them the ideal choice for any meal or snack. In addition to their nutritional value, eggs also boast impressive levels of vitamin D – another nutrient essential for maintaining optimum health!

Which exotic egg will knock your socks off? Allow us to enlighten you on the shocking truth behind these delicacies!

An ostrich egg is the most expensive egg in the world

Nestled amongst nestled amidst the plethora of delicious offerings from poultry farms lies a prized possession for its rarity and fineness: ostrich egg.

Ostrich eggs are aplenty, but they’re considerably more expensive than chicken, quail and duck eggs; even if you can find one. On average, 1 kg of ostriches’ fertile eggs will set you back $1,530! For comparison purposes, a hen’s worth about two-thirds that amount – making it the most costly egg in existence. If you want to acquire one of these exquisite specimens, it may be a worthy investment!

Yet contrary to popular belief – having experienced my first ostrich steak last year – ostriches’ eggs are actually smaller than their bovine cousins’. Though this difference is barely noticeable when consuming them either way!

A caviar-style egg is found in a cookbook for $1

While you may be familiar with all kinds of eggs, such as chicken and quail, it is possible to discover a new type. For example, it’s possible to order caviar-like shellfish eggs at an affordable cost – they are being sold for $1 each!

At the moment, the most widely available type of egg on the market is from free range chickens. This variety is just one of many options available for purchase, including duck eggs and quail eggs.


It is a bit difficult to comprehend the dosages of various vitamins and minerals that are contained in an egg, which can make it challenging for those with dietary restrictions. It’s no secret that eggs are rich sources of protein – more than any other food out there!

Eggs are often lauded as being one of the most nutritious foods around, boasting a steady supply of choline, betaine, lysine and other essential nutrients; however, it’s not just their nutritional value that matters but also the dietary requirements of one’s own organism. For instance, if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant then don’t despair; both options exist when purchasing eggs!

The largest hen’s egg ever was worth over $10

No, that’s not a typo. The world’s largest hen’s egg was recently sold in a charity auction for over $10 – an astoundingly high figure!

This prize-winning hen lay was part of the 200-plus fresh eggs allotted at this annual event. At auction prices exceeding $10-$15 each, even these delicacies are attainable!

The colossal hen’s egg from Tennessee boasts a hefty weight of 915g and measures an enviable 2 inches across.

000 at auction

Any time you hear the term ‘auction’, chances are you conjure up images of an overstocked stockroom or estate sale-type event, where various items are being sold off at discount prices – many times to benefit charity. However, as we’ve already alluded to, one popular auction category is that of exotic eggs. In fact, this ancient offering has remained a perennial favorite amongst discerning buyers all over the world; especially in recent years!

At present time, numerous auction sites offer a wide range of exotic egg offerings. For example, if you have access to eBay then there’s no need for you to venture beyond its listings – simply choose ‘Chicken’ or ‘Quail’ alongside more familiar offerings such as ‘Duck’.

For those who prefer to bid from afar but still want their poultry experience without leaving home, consider placing an internet auction: eBay is without doubt the premier marketplace for just such endeavors!

Although it can be a little intimidating to participate in an online auction with anything unfamiliar, experts explain that having a plan and taking some initial precautions can help make it more manageable for everyone involved. If the thought of enrobing yourself into a plastic bag seems daunting yet intriguingly intriguing – don’t fret! All it takes is opening an email account and sending an inquiry through our platform.

There are actually two types of ostrich eggs

Though ostrich eggs are quite similar in appearance to chicken and quail eggs, they’re surprisingly distinct. There are actually two types of ostrich egg: hard-boiled and soft-boiled.

Hard-boiled ostrich eggs come with an ivory white coloration, while the inner portion is unappetizingly pinkish-red in coloration. Since this type is both meaty and more nutritious than its counterpart, it makes a great choice for enjoying that supple texture without any limitations on the amount consumed.

Soft-boiled ostrich eggs possess a rich custard-like center with a delicate but tempting crust; thanks to its juiciness, each bite provides ample flavor with no sacrifice in nutrition whatsoever!

Duck eggs are smaller than chicken eggs

Duck eggs are smaller than chicken eggs, weighing in at around an eighth of a pound. So if you’re comparing the two, they can often appear quite similar.

Paying attention to appearance and size is essential when purchasing duck egg varieties as they may be more expensive than those from other poultry species. If you’re planning on cooking any variety of bird egg and seeking out that delicate flavor profile typical of duck eggs – don’t forget to check the label!

Quail eggs are the most expensive type of quail egg

The quail egg ranks as the most expensive type of quail egg, with a retail price starting at around $9.50 per one dozen eggs – that’s over 50% greater than an average chicken egg! The disparity doesn’t stop there; its pint-sized counterpart is also quite costly, commanding hefty prices ranging from $11-$15 for a single dozen.

Indeed, the number of available exotic eggs varies widely from region to region. In America, you’ll find nearly 300 varieties on offer from Washington state alone – but if you venture further eastward along the Pacific Rim, the choices become more diverse. For example, in Japan there are around 800 different types from which to choose!

If you’re searching for exotic egg varieties, be sure to check out our list of the ten most valuable – and those that are still available!

The most expensive duck egg ever at auction was worth over $6

If you’re lucky enough to be able to procure a duck egg at auction, then it could fetch up to $6 per piece. In June 2017, the most expensive egg ever sold was an avian delicacy belonging to its alter ego – a goose!

This distinctive egg was procured from an exquisite specimen of a marbled rare black-necked swan, which boasted purple hues throughout its plumage. Auctioned off for a mere $9,950 – that’s more than double the initial asking price!


Why choose from among the plethora of egg-substitutes when you can have them, too? These varieties all present their own unique characteristics that may prove more appealing to some than others – but they’re all worth taking note of!

Quail eggs are a revered delicacy, and if we’re being honest – many people wouldn’t know what they were missing if they didn’t try them at least once. They boast an impressive concentration of lutein, a nutrient that’s been linked with eye health in humans and animals alike; plus they’re typically large in size and quite delicate.

Other noteworthy characteristics include their pale green hue and delicious runny yolks. Quail eggs are exceptionally high in phytosterols, providing significant levels of cholesterol-lowering compounds along with beneficial nutrients such as vitamins A and D for maintaining optimal health.

Duck egg substitutes offer similar benefits to quail eggs, such as lower cholesterol levels and enhanced cognitive function. However due to their larger size and richer flavor these options are best used for baking or poaching rather than frying or eating raw.


Exotic eggs can be an intriguing choice for diners in search of a novel culinary experience. However, it should be noted that such items are not always suitable for consumption; they are best utilized as decorative accents in settings where discretion is paramount.

For those seeking an eye-catching embellishment to their table, the exotic egg may be just what you’re looking for! Consider incorporating these ornamental creations into your next dinner party or special event and watch as your guests’ jaws drop in amazement – they’ll leave you speechless!

If you’re intent on purchasing an exotic egg, it’s advisable to seek out one from a reputable source. Additionally, one should never eat these chalices alone – bring a friend along for company!


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